Saturday, February 16, 2013

Week in Review (Feb. 8-14)

Total vertical feet: 12,750 feet
Daily average (week): 1,821 feet
Daily average (2013): 1,982 feet
Biggest vertical day: Mount Sentinel double (~4,000 feet)
Shortest vertical day: Walk to work? (~40 feet, including stairs)
Most cupcakes eaten in a day: 4
Photo of the week: self-portrait of Wesley Bowman and my shadows overlooking Missoula from the summit of Mont Sentinel.

Another week in the books! 10,800 feet shy of the 100,000 feet mark, I head into my 7th week of the project hot on the pace. To reach the 500,000 foot mark in a non-leap year, one would have to average ~1,370 feet/day. Currently, I am sitting at ~1,982 feet/day for the first 45 days of the year. At this pace, 723,430 feet is the mark. Too high! I am going to have to keep the pace honest and dial it down to stay healthy for the duration. 

The biggest challenge with a long-term endurance effort is simply staying healthy. Motivation to romp in the woods and climb hills? It is there! And ain't going anywhere. But healthy joints and a sturdy constitution require proper care including my least favorite self-care principle: rest.

I don't know that I can fully express in writing how in love with outdoor movement I am. If it were physically possible, my mind would have me walking in perpetuity. Truthfully, my conception of heaven is an eternal saunter in the mountains. Anyways, back to the point, balance is not only a component of a healthy life, but necessary for a successful long-term endurance effort. Oh boy...

All this to say, my health is good. I took a partial sick day on Monday to recover from a dose of methotrexate (the doc's thought). Nausea and light-headedness rendered me incapacitated. Time, rest, water and folic acid proved to be the remedy. Beyond those side effects, I am doing pretty dang good: my arms/hands are satisfied with their nightly wrist guard treatment and my knees are happiest in braces.

All right, time to take a break from the vertical and get horizontal. Nap time.

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